Discover What Patients Say About Martina Audiology

Couple happy with their hearing aids

He seemed to take the whole person in view, instead of just the hearing. He was interested in the person as well as helping with their hearing.

– Ethel

The entire experience of getting hearing aids was very comfortable. Mark spends as much time as necessary for me with my hearing aids to feel that I would be successful. Thank you, Mark – I can hear for the first time in years.

– Rose

Martina Audiology made a major purchase both pleasant and understandable. I left feeling very informed about the technology, fit and wearing of the new hearing aids.

– Bill

The personal attention given and the continuous service and caring never ends. They are very professional. I have been using him for more than 12 years and would recommend him to anyone.

– Ken

I appreciated the knowledge of the product Mark has and the friendly way my wife and I were presented with the product!

– Alvah

Courteous phone talk. First impression of Mark – excellent. Explanations fully understood. Questions answered. Office care polite & complete. 30 day trial offer very acceptable.

– Joan

I like the follow up and service AFTER purchase. Product more expensive but worth the service you get from Mark. I would recommend Martina Audiology and Hearing to others.

– Jan

Mark Martina is great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and provided all choices to me to make the proper decision for my situation.

– Scott

They had explained how to use everything regarding the hearing aid, the do’s and the don’ts. They were very nice, understanding and caring about my problems with hearing aids. I can hear better now!

– Nancy

I am very satisfied with the services of Martina Audiology. Mr. Martina is the best audiologist I have been to visit. I have been hearing impaired for 45 years. He has a very caring attitude. He gave the best hearing test I have ever had.

– Lloyd

Thanks Dr. Martina for giving my Grandpa back his hearing! I don’t have to yell anymore and I don’t have to keep saying the same thing over and over again. You are super! And Grandpa loves you too!

– MS

I went to one of those chain clinics and fooled around with them for over a year and a half and they still did not improve the quality of my hearing very much. Not only was I wasting my money, but also my time. A friend recommended that I try Martina Audiology and within a very short time I was hearing much more clearly than ever before!

– JP